IBM mainframe continue to support key business processes across industries. Most of the mainframe applications have been developed years ago. The companies commonly use Mainframe for critical financial applications or for public use complex systems. Transferring this type of application to more modern solutions is not only very difficult, but also extremely time taking. That’s why we still need specialists who can manage this type of system and program Mainframe machines. However disruptions abound everywhere – the demands of mobile, archaic interfaces, the dwindling supply of expertise, rising costs, concerns about system performance, your mainframe systems need to be modernized. Paccore solutions is having highly skilled professional who are well experienced in helping customers to handle all the challenges.

The building blocks of mainframe applications – Online transactions and batch jobs – map to business functions. Expert level mainframe specialists in Paccore solutions are well capable in design, develop, program and maintain complex on-line and batch programs using programming languages such as COBOL, CICS, and Natural in the OS/390 mainframe environment. Our mainframe maintenance philosophy is to stay current on industry best practices in mainframe application and data exchange techniques, tools, and technology.

Driven by the need to optimize expenditure, unlock value from data, and enable mobile capabilities, many enterprises are modernizing mainframes to leverage new-age technologies and practices such as the cloud, development and operations (DevOps), Agile methodology, etc. Our experts will help you to transform your IBM mainframe applications and platforms to modern, robust platform that’s more scalable, efficient and reliable.